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Foredrag – Japanese Erotic Art


An Introduction to traditional Japanese Art and a closer look at the genres of erotic art, Shunga and Nanshoku.

The genre of erotic art is big in Japan. It is an integral part of the Japanese art especially of the ukiyo-e of the Edo period (17h to the 19th Century) when Japan was closed off to the rest of the world to a certain degree.

What does it tell us about the Japanese culture and society? How has it changed in the following periods? How is the genre treated in current Japan?

Miriam Henriksson is writing her Master Thesis on the subject of Japanese erotic art. She will give us an introduction to Japanese art in general, and then delve into the genre.

Foredraget er på engelsk og finder sted tirsdag d. 6/3 kl. 19.30 på højskolens adresse:
Evensølundvej 5, 4720 Præstø – Alle er velkomne, og foredraget er gratis.

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