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Foredrag – The Wonders of Wondering

“The Wonders of Wondering: A philosophical look at the human capacity for intellectual fascination”

Human beings wonder. That is a fact. But how, exactly, do we do this? How does it take place? And what does it mean?

In this talk, philosopher and former teacher at Bosei Martin Hauberg Lund will flesh out some of the central aspects of what it means to wonder.

We are going to talk about ‘objects’, ‘processes’ and ‘means’ of wondering and take a look at how we can actively employ our species specific capacities for wonder to collectively create a more meaningful future for ourselves and the communities we live in.

So get ready to open your minds and dress up in your respective power suits of curiosity!

Foredraget er på engelsk og finder sted onsdag d. 14/2 kl. 19.30 på højskolens adresse: Evensølundvej 5, 4720 Præstø – Alle er velkomne, og foredraget er gratis.

Dansk Idrætshøjskole. Med et japansk tvist.

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